1. I don’t even put witnessing bumper stickers on my pickup or wear those kinds of t-shirts. What if I cut somebody off in traffic (on accident of course) and they blaspheme or even think less of my creator because I happen to have that bumber sticker. Is this part of abstaining from appearance of evil? What about the tattoo? If I am no different than my secular buddies and go along with the fad do they think less of my stand for truth?

  2. As a contextual reader of scripture, it becomes apparent why certain sent figures are the appointed guarantors of the faith, and others are not. Even Paul saw Jesus in real life, prior to his special revelation experienced on the Damascus road. What Paul then wrote on who is an Apostle becomes vital to understanding why the first century church chose to follow the Apostles teaching mentioned as such in Acts, and later regarded as the established canon letter writers to the churches. It does not mean that there were not others so identified by word as to functional description in the New Testament; however, even the measure of their contribution was full fidelity to the Christ. It is simply impossible to be so sent with full fidelity, eyewitness validity, and origins canon contribution for regarded Ecclesia authentic teaching and association 2000 years later. Why? Because we are stuck with the necessity of “Biblical Interpretation,” not original message authentication.

    One can say so and so has an Apostolic ministry, or Apostolic qualities, yet even the NT Revelation recognizes the foundational necessity of those chosen by Jesus, and given the great commission directly. Even Paul was taught by the Spirit and mentored by Barnabus. It is doubtful from context historical usage that there is a gift of Apostleship that projects today’s church planters as equal with the first century letter writers as to complete ministry particulars, and as to being pillars of the churches so referenced and charged to carry the Life Message from first hand experience to these churches. The Apostles were set first in the church to be regarded by what is now written of and by them, with the integrity such first hand teaching can establish. It is equally impossible to have another Messiah for equally obvious reasons.

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