1. Dr. Brown,

    I’m a 49 year old man, married (going on 25 years) have two boys – 14, & 17. I listen to your radio show every day after work on the drive home. (on am830 WTRU – The truth radio network )

    The program topic centered around the explicite SI swimsuit edition not being appropriate for being placed in family friendly stores – especially in plain view of younger children.

    I needed to pick up some groceries at Harris Teeter, so I (said to myself) if I saw the magazine then I would say something about it to the store manager.

    I wasn’t trying to seek it out, but it caught my eye as the (low) rack was positioned near the main isle at the check out. I was so shocked I immediately had to turn away. I didn’t expect it to have a topless model on the front cover.

    It just so happened that the manager was standing right next to my check out and we spoke. He said only “corporate ” could make the decision to remove a magazine. He also said that they (corporate) told him to place it in a spot where it would be easily seen. I then asked him if he would speak to corporate about it. He said he would. I told him about your radio show and to visit your website.

    from: Clemmons, North Carolina

  2. Dr Brown,

    Thank you for highlighting this issue, I don’t know how bad it is in the U.S. But over here in the UK, they have actual pornographic magazines in so many of these small convenience stores and its right there along with The Economist and Business Week!! Its so perverse how this is allowed. If one goes into a public phone booth one is greeted to ads of naked prostitutes and the same is true for so many newspaper ads which usually have the same at the back of the papers along with ads for universities and the like! Its obscene how the culture has become so perverse. It reminds me of pictures we see of Ancient Pompei and how pornographic that society was also. Right there in public!!

  3. Just to add, in my native country this would not be allowed. Publically displaying such materials is illegal and the materials themselves are illegal also. I wonder what changed in such a quick time in the West for immorality to be regarded as such a normal thing. May we pray and be bold, meekness does not mean not speaking out against the wickedness of this world!

  4. Shalom Dr. Brown!

    Thank you for bringing this up!

    It’s sad but where i am (Japan), it’s all over and considered a “Normal for grown-up men to do” and if one would speak againt it, s/he will be cold, “Square-head, not flexible” or all kind of names. Just like you mentioned on the air – it’s culturally drilled over here.

    I spoke to several shop clerks at different shops that there’s a woman who feel quite uncomfortable seeing those magazine openly displayed. i don’t expect them to say, “O, you’re right, we’ll remove them from the shelves” right away, though. From what i see, it’s closely tied with idle worship. Which, always brings me back to the point, “O, i need to pray for this country to see unseen God!”

    Meanwhile, as opportunities arrive, i plan to speak up at different shops 😀

    Thinking God’s Picture in Mind & Acting Locally,

  5. Hello brothers and sisters. Until the hearts of men and women are changed, moving a magazine out of sight won’t make a difference. Money matters to coroporate store owners, nothing more. You may win a battle with a store by having them relocate the magazine, but the war is still being lost. THe hearts and minds of society must be our goal, not the store shelves. Until the inner man has been transformed you will be fighting to rescue the man/ woman who doesn’t want to be rescued. Yes we should speak the truth, and warn others of the consequences of sin, but being there to support someone who has been destroyed by sin is as important and possibly more powerful. Remember, the LORD allows consequences to drive us to him, to cause us to cry out and repent. Christians need to be there to offer Yeshua’s love and mercy. Christ had a way of being there for people who were caught in the grips of the consequences of their sin and delivering them. Let us do the same.

  6. I just came across this broadcast, and would like to know what we, as Bible-believing Christians, about the new show on TLC called Sister Wives? I just read about that today (Sept. 27th) on http://www.TownHalldaily.com it’s a polygamy-propoganda pushing show. I flip over magazines all the time. My husband and i don’t shop at Food Lion. I think reminding store owners that we can shop at other stores is a good idea. My husband and i hate pornography. I hate those “fashion” magazines that expose scantily clad women. I think i should probably start speaking up and writing to marketing directors. I stopped buying from my neighbor who sells AVON because of the position of the model who was hardly dressed at all, and i suggest that all you Christian women do. I asked my neighbor to stop giving me brochures. I’m willing to do more. I’ve wondered about where to shop. Us Christians need to start our own supermarket chain, for real! I do want to do something!

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