1. I was so ignorant to what was going on campus’s, thank you for sharing this Dr. Brown! It was sad watching that video clip on http://www.campusintifada.com but educating as to what’s going on. I just will continue praying for Israel, thank you once again sir.

    שאלו שלום ירושלים

  2. Dear Dr. Brown,
    I haven’t listened to the show yet but watched the video on campusintifada.com. This reminded me of something that someone has brought to my attention recently. It is this link:
    The US army is currently seeking “Internment/Resettlement Specialists”.
    I really don’t want to meet trouble halfway here, but I just was reminded of the fact that actually the SS in Nazi Germany officially were considered as having this job. That is no joke. It was one of the ways of the nazis to force the people into compliance. Now naturally no one wants to think of that kind of stuff, but that again was one of the reasons why the Holocaust during the second world war could happen.
    Now I don’t say it is all good or it is all bad – but I think it is worth watching it.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem – and may those prosper who love you!!

  3. I think there was a nod during the discussion to the fact that Israel is not whiter than white in their treatment of the Arabs, but not much more – apart from that it was pretty much in one direction: that the Arabs are the chief reason for the problem. I suspect the truth is far more nuanced.

    How about inviting Brother Andrew to discuss the issue with Dr Brown? I heard him speak recently in the UK – a man who for decades has ministered to believers in some of the hardest places and continues, aged over 80, to do so. He also meets with Hamas, Hezbollah etc and tells them frankly of their need for Jesus, but has seen ‘on the ground’ the effects on non-combatants of Israel’s actions, which helps fuel support for violence. When I heard him speak, he was just about to leave for Gaza for an Arab bible conference, and even challenged us to pray for Bin Laden, comparing our attitude to him to what the early church must have thought of Saul/Paul.

    I think he would have a serious contribution to make and it would make for a very interesting program.

    God bless,


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