1. If Mohamed was illiterate, then who did write the Quran? (If Mohamed is indeed the author). Seems to me like the only options are someone else wrote it, or a demon dictated it to him.

  2. The Quran was dictated to Mohammad by a spirit of an angel called Gabriel in cave Hira. That is a wild story becuase we’ve seen that in the Bible, everytime Gabriel appeared to the people it always portrayed a good news ( Luke 1:13, Daniel 8:15-19, Luke 1:26-31). But here, the spirit squeezed Mohammad and he was troubled. He first thought it was a spirit of a demon, so how would a Muslim assure that this spirit is really from God?

    In Galatians 1:8-9, the apostle Pual states that if any man or an angel preach another gospel let him be accursed. If this was the case, then the angel is cursed and what Mohammad preached was a false gospel.

  3. Some of my muslim friends consider Mohammed’s writing of the Quran a miracle, because he was illiterate. The fact that he was illiterate and was able to write this proves he was a great prophet to them. Whoever wrote the Quran was certainly not divinely inspired, which should be obvious to anyone who has read it. Btw, great points Yeng Vang.

  4. sam

    As you probably know the NT has been constantly attacked for having many grammatical problems as well as corruptions based on theological bias [i.e. Ehrman’s The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture]. Is this true for the Koran as well?

    Also, before you converted to Christianity, did you hold an exclusive monotheistic view of God or what some call a pluriform monotheism? Under which denominational wing of Christinaity [if any] were your formative biblical study years conducted?

    And how has your Christian orthdoxy affected your evangelism within not only Muslim but Jewish communities?

  5. I feel epangelicalism is the closest theory to best explaining the bible as a whole, but when it comes to what laws in the tanakh we as messianic gentiles should observe I personally go by “calling” and “contingency”. Since two thirds of the 613 laws were contingent to something else (eg, no bait ha mikdash, no tithe; no temple, no sacrifices, etc.). Do you feel the Shomronim, Muslims, etc should follow these laws meant for the Jews alone voluntarily or out of compulsion?

  6. One thing that i have really notice is that the quran nowhere mentions the names name YAWEH OR THE IAM ans this is shocking becausde is islam claims that allah is the GOD of the bible then why doesnt mention these names out of the suppose 99 names allah has!

  7. Chuck:

    The Qur’an underwent a revision by the Islamic Caliph Uthman whereby the text was codified into a single textual tradition and the differing manuscripts destroyed. No manuscript prior to point has been found, and to my knowledge no text-critical version of the Qur’an exists.

  8. Chuck:

    You could probably just google “Uthmanian revision” to find more info. It’s a well known fact of Islamic history and I don’t even remember where I first learned it.

  9. Such an awesome show. I love Sam Shamoun and Dr. Brown.

    I hope you guys can do more shows in the future. Tackling questions like “Is Islam a religion of peace: or is that only one face of Islam?” Or some other interesting topics relating to Islam.

    Just a suggestion! 🙂

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