1. Bill,

    I wasn’t aware of any “spiritual drunkenness” teaching by Wes, but yes, this was posted because it is a good, strong word of repentance, really uncovering some of the real root issues. Amen!

  2. It’s great he’s preaching this to these young people but I would hope that Wes is preaching holiness to his colleagues as well. It should start with the leaders first. The way it looks to me in the charismatic circles, holiness isn’t as much a priority as it ought to be.

  3. Bill,

    Have you read Dr. Browns book “Let no one Decieve you” (older version) or “The Revival Answer Book” (newer version).

  4. Just in case you are wondering what the books all about, heres the editoral reviews:

    Product Description
    God has used Michael Brown as a key part of the Brownsville Revival, which has gained worldwide recognition as a movement marked by deep repentance and salvation for tens of thousands of people. Of course, questions have been raised, as they have whenever revival has come to God’s people throughout history: Just what is revival? How do we know it when we see it? What are the signs of true revival? Does revival extend beyond the body of believers to the community or the nation? What about all those weird manifestations we’ve heard about? Do I have to go there to get revived? Can’t God just meet me where I am? The author answers these questions and many more, without defensiveness or negativity, in this completely revised edition of Let No One Deceive You. This is your hour of visitation. Don’t miss out!

  5. RevTruthful,

    Thanks for your comments. From what I can see in the Body nationwide, holiness is not as much a priority in the Church at large as it should be — not nearly! — both in the charismatic and non-charismatic churches. (The Baptists, for example, preach one-saved, always-saved, giving many a license for sin.)

    That being said, the charismatic moral failures tend to be the loudest and most public, bringing terrible shame and reproach on the Body as a whole and on the name of Jesus, which is terribly grievous.

  6. Amen Dr. Brown. As a husband and father I am seeking for the truth and an example to show my family. It’s hard to find leaders we can trust. I’m not asking anyone to be perfect, just not to hide and justify their sins. Thanks for being a man of humility & integrity and a great influence on my family.

  7. Ben KC,

    No, I do not have that book in my library. But, yes, I knew he was “a key part of the Brownsville Revival.” That revival of repentance was quite an incredible thing to experience. What did you think when you visited it?

    Anyhow, I have placed an order for the book today just to fill out my reference library. $1.69 NEW on Amazon. Sorry, Dr. Brown. 🙁

  8. Bill,

    It was a life changing experience. God’s word was preached, people turned away from sin and turned to Christ, people were set free from addictions such as smoking, drugs, etc…

    Overall, the presence of God was very evident.

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