1. Hey Dr. Brown,

    I wanted to clarify the comment I left with line of fire about 2 Corinthians. I’m not sure how much got to you as it was a paraphrase on the show, which is fine. My point was this, Christ’s message was that God is not counting men’s sins against them. One day, that will not be the case and we will all stand before God. And yes, and some point in the future, the world will see the wrath of God poured out in final judgment. But the message of reconciliation which has been committed to us and causes us to be Christ’s ambassadors, his representatives of this message. Therefore, our calling to this world is to share God’s kindness while in light of his justice. It’s His kindness that leads men to repentance.

    I think the important part about considering it this way is that we can’t point at events around the world and say, it was God’s judgment for…(fill in the blank). Pat Robertson has had a string of “revelation” about Hurricane Katrina being because of their immorality, 9-11 because of gay Americans, and most recently the earthquake in Haiti because of the Haitians pact with the devil during the Civil War. Now, consider this, when Sodom and Gomorroh where destroyed for Homosexuality, Abraham tried to plead with God to preserve it if their was found … A (eventually) righteous person. The same with Moses on the mountain. God’s anger was burning and Moses pleaded with God to not kill them but instead REMOVE HIS NAME from the book of life. God spared the nation, but many were killed off down the road. But I think my point is this, just as these men pleaded with God to spare an unjust nation or people group. we now have an intercessor Christ Jesus pleading our case on our behalf before the father. Not to mention, his life poured out for the whole world and the great mystery that while WE were YET sinners, God gave his son for us. God’s judgment will come, his wrath will be poured out. I agree that the murder of the innocent is so horrific but we must plead with God through our mediator Jesus to show his kindness, soften hearts, and pour out his grace on men and women struggling with abortion and homosexuality and all the other “unrecoverable” sins, that causes people to HUMBLE themselves and pray, and REPENT then God will HEAR our crys of injustice, he will HEAL their land, and forgive their sin.

    Robbie C.

  2. re: the shedding of innocent blood. Personally I think that sacrificing live children, a la manessah, out of the womb is much much much worse than killing those inside the womb. I would not tolerate the former AT ALL. But the death inside the womb is somehow different, to me at least. i can go for months without thinking of it (pls dont berate me)

    You can do something about laws which adversely affect other people. e.g. slavery, murder whatever. But laws to do with how/what one can do with his or her own body (including the foetus attached to one’s body, LGBT “marriage” laws etc) is somehow different. they do not really adversely affect other people. [the foetus being another person is a grey area, because it doesn’t really “feel” it’s not formed etc.]

  3. Ben,

    The baby living inside the mothers womb is just as same as same living outside the womb.

    I would recommend for you to check out abortionno.org

    Just as a warning, its pretty graphic.

  4. The worst sin of the USA?

    I can’t think of one a Merciful Deity would condemn you for.

    Oh there’s lots you as a nation have.
    # Sexual Excess
    # Gluttony
    # Greed
    # Apathy
    # Wrath
    # Envy
    # Pride

    That’s all 7 deadly sins. As a foreigner, I can think of immediate examples: The serial polygamy you practice, where divorce and remarriage is the norm rather than the exception. The use of so much of the world’s resources. (That’s two). I could go on.

    But then I see the US Military in Haiti, just as they were in Aceh in Indonesia.

    I remarked at the time on the policy: “Save ’em all, and let God sort ’em out.”

    So while I might (and do) criticise the US as a nation for it’s many faults, it’s failures to live up to its ideals… you try. You succeed better than most.

    Try harder though, OK? As I’ll work so that my country tries harder too.

  5. I believe that shedding innocent blood is where the Lord draws the line(Psalm 106:38). But I don’t believe the shedding of the innocent blood of unborn children in America alone is what will cause the wrath of God to be poured out on us. It seems to me God will pour out His wrath when His prophets and priest become complacent about the injustice that goes on around them(Jer5:28-31). So many leaders in the Church talk about how evil abortion is. They give lecturers, preach sermons, write books, hold conferences and pray about abortion (all of which are good). But they don’t go to where the evil takes place and speak up for the speechless as Proverbs 31:8 says. If we really believe abortion is so wicked and God will judge our nation for it(and I do) we must understand God will hold us accountable for what we say if we don’t act on it. If pastors, leaders, and church members are going to continue in our inaction about abortion then we are better off believing that abortion is not murder. Political methods, debates, writing books, and forming new money consuming organizations will not end abortion in this country. We must go into the streets and confront the sin where it takes place. After all that is what the prophets always did. I want you to note that one of the Lords indictments against Israel in Jer 5:28(NIV) is that they did not plead the case of the fatherless “to win it”. Many organizations and politicians “plead the case” of the unborn, but they really don’t want to win it because abortion gives them a cause and a reason for people to vote for them and give donations.

  6. I think the worst sin is hypocrisy.

    What first drew me to Christ is His love and His goodness. I strive to do what’s right in His eyes because of those things. To whom much is given, much is required and if we know Him, we’ll be judged far more seriously than those who don’t.

    I’m not saying for a second that we should ‘okay’ sin, but preaching the judgement before the Judge seems as futile to me as the preacher who doesn’t practice… erm, I guess they’re the same.

    The sinner sins. Jesus saves the sinner. The sin is cleared as a result, in that order… in my opinion anyway.

  7. Zoe, “The use of so much of the world’s resources” is supposed to be one of America’s worst sins?! Give me a break! Sounds like you’ve been sucked in by the green religion. Get back to Christianity before you wander off and find yourself worshiping gaia!

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