1. oh and I got goosebumps just listening to the powerful testimony of the man that came out of the homosexual lifestyle. How the one that fell away actually influenced the other somehow and the Lord used it all for his glory. What the enemy meant for evil God meant it for good. What an amazing God we serve!

  2. As a Christian, I really don’t see an issue in repealing the policy. Wouldn’t it give an opportunity for Christians to be a light to gay soldiers? Especially Christians should be the most comfortable with showering with gay men. They should surrender their preferences and comforts in order to demonstrate the love of Christ. Wouldn’t it be the most loving thing for a Christian to willingly shower in the presence of a gay man. Wouldn’t this say, “Hey I still love you”.

    If Jesus was in the army and showering with gay men, I’m sure he wouldn’t care. I personally think it’s weird to shower with other straight men or any person that is not your spouse.

    Plus if a gay person is qualified to do the job, then that person should by all means be in the military. Wouldn’t “don’t ask, tell if you feel comfortable” be fine? Am I missing something? If Israel has the best army and allows gay people in the military, then what’s the issue? Those who fear others in the military should be fired, not a gay person. You are more qualified if you can set your differences aside.

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