1. I believe God heals, and raises people from the dead still today!!!
    And enjoyed the testimony.
    I don NOT have a problem with the military having scripture on their weapons or anywhere else they would like to.

  2. I too ran into the issue of Mrs. Bush. My daughter’s school had a similar program and when it was my daughter’s turn to bring in the book of the day, she brought in her bible so that her teacher could read about David. My daughter, Mercy wanted was suppose to bring a book that shows how a character learned from their consequences. She felt that David did a bad thing and when his baby died he learned from it. Now I was very impressed with my first grader but the school was not. She lost her turn because she brought a bible to school. I was called so that they could inform me and then they could have me explain to her why she couldn’t have her book read. I told them to explain it her while I listened. She later the same day came home with a flier for the Halloween program the school had planned. Ridiculous.

  3. I would be against having scripture on rifles, etc., if I thought someone was trying to make a statement of some sort. Sounds like the manufacturer just opted to use this method to itemise different products. I do think it’s a bit tasteless though.

  4. Marcella, what would you prefer? Koranic references?

    A friend told me he saw the following comment: “If the enemy is offended by the Scripture references on the sights then it’s time to fix bayonets.” lol

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