1. If what happened in Haiti is a judgement, God must really hate poor people. These sorts of tragedies mostly occur to impoverished areas where, because of a lack of funds, buildings are built incorrectly, very little medical aid is available, and infrastructures are inadequate.

    If this had happened in california, it would have been bad, but not tragic.

  2. I see this event as a sign for a coming positive spiritual change for the people of Haiti. Spiritual battles are often associated with physical earthquakes. Right now we are focussing on the high death toll in Haiti – and that is a tragedy of course, but the earthquake itself can also be a sign of hope for those who survived it. It can be a sign of liberation from previous spiritual bondages.

    Think back to 1945 – it was a real blessing for the German people that Germany had lost the second world war!

  3. Dr. Brown’s reference to Luke 13:1-5 seemed of particular relevance. John 9 might also apply, not only to the general question of the source of affliction but also to our role as believers.

  4. Perhaps God would do better to judge the nations that founded haiti on hundreds of years of injustice. We blame them for slavishly holding to a cultish religion; perhaps its because all that their enslaved forefathers had to cling to WAS that religion.

    God doesn’t judge like we do.

  5. Thank you so very much for your insights on Haiti! I must admit I thought the earthquake may have been G-d’s judgment or maybe they were sacrificial lambs. But admittedly, I just do not know and I am really pained by the entire situation. I really hurt for the families there, and yet, I rejoice because my mom’s friend escaped this destruction, as well as many others.

    It is very difficult for me to see and appreciate G-d’s hand (for I see extremely dimly) in this devastation, but I know He was there and continues to be watchful, because His knowledge covers the whole earth. I know that ALL things work out for the good of those that love the L-rd, but sometimes in the midst of crisis it is hard to wrap one’s heart and mind around this biblical truth.

    I appreciate your comments in regards to Luke 13 which really put things in spiritual context for me., and I like many others will continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and G-d’s will in the lives of the people there.

    In addition, we need to pray one for another, especially those of us who call ourselves, believers in Yeshua HaMashiach! We need not speak as one of authority about the workings of HaShem, but instead, continue to plead His mercy and graciousness in dealing with us!

    Blessings and again thank you!


  6. I think it is obvious that Pat Robertson was wrong in saying what he did for a simple reason. He judged God. That’s what Jesus meant when He said “Judge not,” he wasn’t talking about judgment of actions, He was talking about judgment of motives behind actions. We are to never judge the intentions of anyone, or we will be judged. How much more are we to not judge the very heart of God. We don’t know God’s heart and thoughts, so who is anyone to say “God has done this as an act of Divine Judgment because of this this and this.”

    Could the earthquake be God? yes. Could the earthquake be satan? yes (remember, Jesus rebuked the storm. If it came from God, I doubt Jesus would have rebuked it).

    Maybe they did form a pact with satan and he was behind the earthquake because the people freely invited him into their lives, and maybe the voodoo and that pact were just some of the reasons God “allowed” satan free reign?

    One thing is for sure, and Dr.Brown said it well. We should think carefully before we go and “assume” the intentions behind a natural disaster.

  7. When things don’t go our way humans pout. Siblings hit each other. Parents scream. And when christians talk about God’s judgment often it seems that they make it into a divine temper tantrum. In effect, they paint a picture of a God that says: “Do it right or I’ll make your house collapse on you.”

    Does that sound sublime- like something the Almighty would say?

    And if it was divine judgment–Where was the prophetic warning? Where was the Jonah to warn of the oncoming disaster?

    Its sooooo very easy for charismatic leaders to come up with stuff after the fact. They did it with 9/11 and the Tsunami, but if God is going to go Old Testamental on us, the warning should be there too.

  8. Ill have to look into this further but was there any nation or city in the OT where God sent destruction without sending a warning? Was Sodom and Gomorrah warrned?

  9. I listened to your comments. If all people, especially believers, would refer to Luke 13: 1-5 maybe they would get a message that unless we ALL repent, we will perish.

    Stop pointing the finger saying, “,Haiti people did voodoo; the Catholic Church whatever…..; the county is corrupt etc.”

    God is in control of everything and is no respector of person. We all better make sure we are in relationship with Him; obeying His Word; treating others the way we want to be treated.

    What happened in Haiti could happen here in American or any other country. This country as well as others all fall short. This country as well as others need their institutions to repent.

    We all need to pray for Haiti; America; Russia, China, South and North Korea and all the people in this world. God made all mankind and we need to pray for each other. As I said before God is no respector of person. He loves all people, believers and nonbelievers. We, as believers, need to live as God has commanded us to live. We need to be the light in the mist of darkness. Not say “God is pouring judgement on Haiti.”

    Thanks again for your comments. It lines up with the sermon I heard from my pastor.

    REPENT, people and institutions, or ALL will PERISH..

  10. Good point on Sodom. There isn’t a description of any warning to them. I do believe though the point of judgment isn’t solely punishment, its to restore righteousness. And I think if God doesn’t warn people before he does it, its like executing someone without charging them of their crime; which is a crime in itself.

  11. I’m saying that because God is always just and always love, he can’t do certain things- not just that he won’t. He can’t. And I think at least one of those things would be rain brimstone down, or churn earthquakes up, without some sort of call back to himself.

    At the very least, in sodom’s case, he saved the innocent. In Haiti, it seems, from the reports I’ve read, that sinner and saint alike disappeared beneath the rubble.

    That, from my perspective, isn’t a judgment from God.

  12. When a missionary in Haiti, in the 1970s, our group held prayer prior to engagement. Visions were experienced by some which led to warfare prayer. Visions included vodoo masks that witchdoctors wore in the area in which we interacted. It was noted that that half of the Island at that time was over 90% Catholic, and over 90% Vodoo. Superstition, I guess, ran both ways.

    It was encouraging after the earthquake that their was a national call to repentance, carried by prayer, to which over 75% of the remaining population responded. Even if those of faith earlier perished, it was with a great great hope others did not have, and their legacy led to the repentance now occurring.

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