1. Dr. Brown, I know you have a debate coming up with Dr. White on Calvinism, and that in the ads I’ve seen, you’re listed as a “former Calvinist.”

    I can’t call in while you’re debating, and will have to listen from your archives, but I would like to ask one question:

    What made you change your mind about calling yourself a Calvinist?

    Thanks, and God bless you, brother.


  2. I just wanted to express my feelings on haiti. I don’t see how any preacher of God would ever say to his people that this was the judgement of God,without showing a word of proof. I think its ignorance to say such things, to me its just like saying that somebody that is handicaped is a victom of Gods judgement. Or because that I live in Utah the fault line is enormous we are awaiting a great earthquake here in the next 50 to a 100 years, its supposed to be worse than haiti’s 7.0 earthquake. Now if this happens are we the victom of Gods wrath for the practice and worship of Joseph Smith. No! none of us is promised to live tomorrow, I think that any pasture that makes any comments like this is ignorant to think he’s safe of catastrophie. Personally I don’t make fun of handicaps or say God is judgeing someone because I have a great fear of God and pray that I never turn out that way or become a victom of catastrophie.What will they all say when Wyomings pool of lava explodes that is supposed to devistate North America, I guess we are all cursed to. I pray for your ministrie that you speak truth with your walk with Jesus,thank you and I love your show.

  3. Hi folks,
    I have topic to think for you concerning diferent styles of music and its controversy. What do you think about hassidic raper, singer and beatboxer Matisyahu. Many christians like his music and go to his concerts, although his texts have cabbalistic background and esoteric insights. Do you think that this reggae is “kosher” as it claims. Matisyahu combines live of rock star with pious live of ultraorthodox Jew. Interesting phenomenon starts to develop – chassidic-hippie music stars. Among the others saxophonist Daniel Zamir and raper Noson Zand are well known for their colaboration with Matisyahu. All of them are baalei tshuva to Chabad.

  4. Hi Martin,

    That’s an interesting question that I’d like to try to interact on. I’ve heard of, and have seen some very brief clips of Matisyahu performing. As concerns what you’ve called “chassidic-hippie stars,” would the Israeli band Aharit Hayamim qualify?

    Could you be a bit more specific? Are you interested in views concerning the reception of such stars within traditional Jewish circles or specifically among Gentile Christians and Messianic Jews?

    Also (if you don’t mind my asking), are you affiliated with Chabad and are you a baal tshuva to it? Just thought that might help me get some more perspective on where you’re coming from and help me address the questions. God bless.

  5. For those who have no problem with the oft-used trinitarian statement: “Jesus is YHWH”. Here’s what one of the leading biblical scholars of today has to say regarding this theme:

    Re 1 Cor. 8.6, it seems to me pretty obvious that Paul is taking the language of the Shema – ‘the Lord our God is one Lord’, or ‘the Lord our God, the Lord is one’ – and splitting (probably not the best word) it between the one God and the one Lord.

    No Jew I think would fail to recognize that Paul was doing something like that. So it’s a question of how you envisage him holding that tension togrther with the other strong christological passages.

    I don’t find it helpful or fair to Paul to play down or deny something which he probably intended and his (Jewish) contemporaries probably recognized.

    But how to express the balance which he maintained? Certainly not with such heretical formulations as ‘Jesus is Yahweh’!

    Greetings from Durham,
    James Dunn [in private correspondence]

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