1. Thank you so much for responding and answering my question with such wisdom and knowledge…I praise the Lord that he has granted you such wisdom……thank you again….I have placed this on my fb…..

  2. At one time i was a very avid tither. I have seen God bless me much through giving and am as cheerful a giver as any. I have been doing an intense study of tithing apart from the current day interpretations and am finding it difficult now to accept what i have been taught about tithing. It seems that tithing was never taught to the new testament believer and that the “law” of tithing was never intended for christians. I have no qualm with giving, but tithing is preached on some times 3 times a week at our churches. What is your opinion of this Dr. Brown?

  3. I believe Dr. Brown would agree with you (Dr. Brown, correct me if I am wrong). Giving is confirmed in the NT but not tithing. He does however would use 10% as a base to give. I dont remember what date he mentioned this on his radio show so you would have to look at the past archives that has something titled with tithing.

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