1. No one’s forcing them. It sucks to be injured. I feel their pain but I find it hard to sympathise with their situation: Did they not know the risks inherent in playing football and their long term consequences? Did they not know the dangers of playing with injury? Did they not question why players received at least x10 the average annual wages of the ordinary man? Really, they’ve made their bed, and they’re gonna have to lie in it, as we all do with our lives. [[sic]: footballers not knowing about consequences? —-> what rubbish. all players know. or should know. I don’t play football and rugby and I know. ]]]

    Them being “tough”? Them being “men”? They are all a bunch of sissies if they ain’t man enough to sit down on the bench and rest when they need to rest.

    Is it wrong to watch football? no one wants to see players become paraplegic. players don’t want to see each other injured. personally i like wathcing touchdowns. but if it is wrong to see football then it’s impossible to live in this world. we’d have to get off this planet completely. that’s all i can say.

    the real dangers involved in playing football lies not on the field but off the field.

  2. Ben, I don’t watch football. It’s not impossible and I live in the world everyday. It’s not a matter of ever seeing it while you’re walking around in Costco or whatever, it’s a matter of conscious choice that would be the issue. I make no laws on it, but I myself do not watch it. Honestly, I lost interest because of 19 year old thugs being overnight hot shots and millionaires. That amount of money is (in my opinion) immoral.

    BUT, after hearing this show today, I have even more of reason to not choose to watch it. The created image of God’s glory is trying to bring harm and destruction to another created image of God’s glory.
    I don’t make an issue of it with friends unless the topic comes up. I’m not saying any of this to twist your arm but only to address the idea of having to leave the planet. I haven’t watched football in about 10 years and have a perfectly normal life full of God, fun with the wife, fun with the kids and Christian community. Life is plenty fine and full without it. It is indeed possible.

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