1. I believe that Joel Osteen was wrong in the type of prayer that he prayed. In my opinion he should have prayed the God’s will be done, and that the rightousness of Christ be done in her and her term. We should not give honor to unrighteousness in the name of Jesus. When Jesus is clearly against that immoral act. You don’t bless to be accepted by other world veiws. I’m pretty sure that that other world veiws would stand in what they believe in. We just have to remember to do things in love, not to turn people away. We should pray in private and in detail about the certain world veiw issue. We should never compromise God. We cannot please man and God. We cannot serve two masters.

  2. I don’t think a “true” christian would or should lend themself or appear to endors, a leader who is openly opposed to God’s standards and encouragers others to do the same, let alone ask God’s blessing on them. John the Baptist died for calling sin, sin, in the life of his govenor, Harod. How can a minister of the gospel thank God for raising this woman up with out condenming the sin and calling for her to repent. Olsteens’ action just added the appearance of acceptance of the sin in the eyes of the world. This is just another issue that asks the question” just what gospel is Olsteen proclaiming?”.

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