1. I understand what Andy Stanley is saying, but I think there are just too many instances where this type of confusing phraseology is being used. I think there needs to be a greater understanding that when you reach a certain level of celebrity your audience is no longer who you think they are, therefore including those who could be irreparably damaged by what they misunderstand. And when so many people are misunderstanding you so frequently, isn’t it time to find the common denominator.
    I do not believe we need to start catering to the lunatic fringe, but I doubt anyone (outside of the group in question) will list Dr. Brown or Dr. James White as lunatic fringe.
    I’ve heard Andy Stanley called a “Great Communicator,” yet, unless there are other motives (like shock value) at the core of what is being said (or more accurately, how it is being said), then he is displaying some fundamental issues with communication that he needs to address.
    Please note that I say this as someone who loves and appreciates both ministries represented here, especially Andy Stanley’s as his sermon’s has helped me get through personal struggles in my life. That makes it so much more difficult to hear such reckless preaching.
    It may not mean you are a heretic, but what you are saying encourages heresy in others!

  2. So, finally the truth comes out.

    Andy actually said:
    “If I quit believing in the virgin birth do you think I would tell anybody? (laugh) That’s a career ending move.”
    So, Andy’s career is more important than pursuing truth? If Andy were to actually doubt the virgin birth, would his need to hang onto his “career” prevent him from following that pursuit of truth?
    As soon as you start making a living from being “spiritual”, you have placed yourself in a compromising position. Now, you have to be careful what you say because you don’t want to lose your paycheck.
    If there were more people out there with real jobs and whose paycheck didn’t depend on pleasing their “spiritual followers” we actually have more people who are actually following Jesus’ teachings rather than following churches, leaders and organizations.

  3. Am I correct in this interpretation of what Andy is saying?
    1. Andy thinks The Bible is a hindrance in reaching the lost?
    When he says he no longer speaks “this is what the Bible says”
    is because that shuts people down. Andy believes the Bible is a hindrance.
    Is the Bible a hindrance?

  4. If you don’t have a foundation for the house you can not have a first story. It would be like building your house on sand.

  5. Psalm 68:11
    The Lord gave the word
    Just because we’re talking to a specific audience, this is still the truth

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