How Much Victory Do We Have Over Sin? And, How Much Law Is in the Gospel?

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Dr. Brown discusses two practical and scriptural controversies, asking whether believers can live free from sin in this world and whether the law and the gospel are in opposition to each other. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at  (866) 348 7884  with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In Jesus, we have died to sin.  In Jesus, we have taken on new life in Him.  In Jesus, God’s grace prevails.  Let us explore the power of a grace filled fully life.


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: On the day we stand before God, in light of His presence, glory, power, and beauty; there’s only one that we will boast in, and that’s my heart today.  Let us boast in the majesty, goodness, and power of the Lord.



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  1. Thanks, Dr. Brown, for today’s show.

    I have found that many people — including some Christians — often think of Christianity as a “ticket to heaven” that gives Christians an excuse to sin.

  2. Bo,

    I appreciate your wish to debate me on the subject of abortion but I’m not a one-issue guy.

    It’s not a personal issue with me — I’ve never personally had anything to do with an abortion.

    As I said some weeks ago, I used to be pro-life until I carefully read the Bible with an open mind. At best, I find the bible ambiguous on the subject.

    Prior to this, I had read the bible using the “bias confirmation” method, starting with the assumption that abortion is wrong and finding verses to prove me wrong. (AKA “proof texting.”)

    Then I decided to let the bible lead me. I have literally read every bible verse relating to the subject, many times. And re-visiting it over the years.

    And, I should add, I did this with much prayer and prolonged consideration, considering Christian voices and science on the issue.

    And, unlike Dr. Brown’s suggestion about me, this was not because I was morally backsliding or having some faith crisis.

    But, fair is fair.

    I support women making up their own minds with the bible, their doctors and the Holy Spirit as their guide.

    But I strongly support your right to do the same!

    If you think abortion is a sin, then I hope you never have one. God bless you in your conviction.

    I really have no desire to change your mind.

    In light of that, do you really want to debate me on the subject?

  3. Oops — I said this totally backwards:

    Prior to this, I had read the bible using the “bias confirmation” method, starting with the assumption that abortion is wrong and finding verses to prove me _RIGHT_.

    Probably, you got that.

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