I Stand As a Witness

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Dr. Brown shares some of his personal spiritual history, including promises from the Lord he has already seen fulfilled, then sharing what he believes to be promises from the Lord for America’s future. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at  (866) 348 7884  with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Just as David could testify before tackling Goliath that The Lord who delivered him from the lion and the bear would deliver him from Goliath, I’m saying that the God who promised that I would be part of revival, and I have been, has promised moral and cultural revolution in America.


Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When you look at the circumstances around you in America you say there is no hope for this generation; when you look at God you say all things are possible!



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  1. class of 1971

    The revolution began in 1971 with sid roth,
    michael walker, and michael brown. i am sure there are many other Jews that could be listed in this class that is bringing the revoluttion of today to soon fruition.

  2. class of 1971

    The revolution began in 1971 with sid roth,
    michael walker, and michael brown. i am sure there are many other Jews that could be listed in this class that is bringing the revolution of today to soon fruition.

  3. As I looked up the word revolution in my English dictionary, I noticed one meaning of revolution about the overthrowing of a government, form of government, or system by the governed, and this is what I hope for.

    I want to see Jezebel overthrown as well as her likes which have been riding worldly government, even using the people in government.

    I believe this will happen through helps and government. I want to see it happen on a massive scale through intercessors who function within the gift of helps and governnment, Job 29, Jer 22:3. and 22:16 style.

    Suppose we saw the ministry of reconciliation by the gospel prevail with nearly every member of the Body taking part in some way.

  4. If we believe that we were born for such a time as this then we must believe that God has a plan and He needs us to fulfill our part. Saying there is no hope is never God’s heart. Like everything else my heart longs to see, I am a prisoner of hope. Everywhere I look in America I see death and lies, but I am praying for eyes that see as Jesus sees. He saw us all in our hopeless state and still he went to the cross in faith. I pray for a church that stands up, without compromise but with the fire of God’s love. I pray for boldness to speak and act and vision to see what can be done if only we come to truly understand that we are Jesus on this earth. What can stop His plan then? Yes I believe it is possible.

  5. When Jesus said, having eyes they see not, and ears they cannot hear. What a toll sin takes on individuals and a nation! With this CLEAR SIGN from The Lord and the hardships that now face our country and are coming to pass. God’s judgement is certainly on our leadership as they blindly ignore the precepts of God and supplant his wisdom with their own, calling right wrong and wrong right.

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