Is It Right for a Christian-Owned Business to Refuse to Be Used for an Anti-Christian Cause?

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The Cupcake Controversy

The Billboard Controversy

  1. Dr. Brown,

    Thanks so much for mentioning your free resources available on your site. I had no idea how much there was!


  2. The recent Indianapolis CupCake ordeal comes to mind. Refusing to participate in “coming-out” day, pastry shop chose not to provide a rainbow cupcake for a customer who specifically asked for it(Isnt it sad that what was once a sign from God of his promise, has now become a pride symbol for deviant behaviour).

    More people should refuse anti Christian causes. I guess its about how much risk people are willing to put themselves, family, business in. And, sadly, a bit of ignorance plays a role.

  3. well it’s about time that people AND businesses stand up for Jesus! no more guessing… no more fooling around! i mean doesn’t the bible say u r either with Jesus or against Him? it’s time all Christians stand up to b counted!!!!!!!

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